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People love celebrating occasions and special moments with fireworks. Have you ever wondered where fireworks originated from, and how they were made?

Well, the answer is ancient Chinese origin. Fireworks developed out of military rockets and fiery missiles, and they were (and still are) used in extravagant blends for celebrations.

There are countless tales of how fireworks came to be. To a few, they were made to scare any evil spirits that lingered in a village while others thought they would be able to bring about immortality and prosperity when exploded.

Short History of Fireworks and How They Were Made


As per history China was the first to make fireworks.However, some records would claim that the Indians or Arabians had shaped fireworks.

The Chinese used to take bamboo stalks and throw them into a fire. The bamboo would radiate the same exploding effect a firework would make. 


A Chinese alchemist, a few years down the road created a mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal. The mix created gunpowder and pure black flakes. This was formally considered to be the first human-made fireworks

Fireworks made their introduction around the world during this period. In Europe, they were used for gatherings and feasts involving religion. Italy became the front-runner manufacturer of fireworks in Europe.

Contemporary Fireworks

Fireworks were developed for entertainment and commercial purposes post-war. The above-mentioned combination that produced gunpowder was still combined into designs, but innovations and chemicals were used. 

Another milestone that transformed fireworks was the various hues added to them. Fireworks habitually flashed just an orange colour, but companies wanted to create their spin on it. Now, when you see fireworks, you can now perceive blues, pinks, and greens. Some are also planned in setting off fireworks, creating patterns and designs in the skies. 

Deadly Firecrackers

The Chinese had systematized, practical ways of using their inventions, like giving their military a benefit. In preference to bamboo, wood was used to encase the gunpowder and protect their land from invaders. Quite a few movies have shown these firecrackers to be dragon-shaped rockets.


We generally discuss about fireworks for sale. But it is interesting to know how they originated. It can be boundless to invent or modernize things and come up with new creations that will surprise other people.

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