Celebrate Freedom(Independence Day in the United States) with Fireworks

Make 4th of July big celebration with fireworks

Freedom is supposed to be celebrated, cherished and remembered in the most beautiful ways. Families come together to enjoy this day. Fireworks are the American tradition of celebrating success and harmony. John Adams hoped that the anniversary of independence would be marked for years to come by “guns” and “bonfires” and “illuminations.”

Make your loved ones happy by surprising them with the best fireworks. There are various fireworks importers and fireworks distributors available in the market. You need to choose the best one because fireworks can cause a lot of harm. Start planning in advance and order your crackers. You can order them online at our website and get a huge discount!

History of 4th of July and firecrackers

When the revolutionary war was started in 1775, the whole chain of events led to the Independence Day celebrations. The war went on for years but the people kept on bursting crackers and making their people happy! In the summer of the next year, people celebrated the independence by holding mock funerals of King George III with crackers. This tradition is still going strong and people are celebrating the festival despite the pandemic looming over everyone’s head.

Some popular firecrackers that are used to celebrate freedom are:

  • Sparklers: these are the fireworks which can be used by the kids under some adult supervision. Sparklers are sticks that give off coloured sparks when lit and are every child’s favourite.
  • Smoke bombs: Smoke bombs are one of the best sources of entertainment for the kids. They provide hours of entertainment with less noise. Colourful smoke comes out of these crackers and they are usually used during the day time.
  • Rockets: fireworks rockets are a total delight and are mostly used on the big days! They explode in the sky when they reach their peak. However, rockets are not allowed for personal usage in some states, know your states rules before purchasing these.
  • Single ignition fireworks: these are prepacked fireworks which aren’t to be opened up. They are ready made cakes with one ignition point. They are to be put firmly on the ground and are to be lit then.
  • Roman candles: various noise affects and colours are available for these. They can be used as cakes or even individually.
  • Fountains: these create beautiful visual elements for the people. The bigger the size of the fountain container, the longer it will last.

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