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The Roman candle, to begin with, gets its name from how the small blazes brighten up the night sky, looking like stars in the Roman empire.

They are available in a range of sizes and effects. Most expel five or more balls—one ball at a time with a short pause in between. Silent or noisy, colourful or crackling there’s sufficiently to select from. You can produce some great effects by placing candles at multiple angles.

There are no certain results once Roman candles are ignited. You can find Roman candles with effects like crackles, varying colours, tails, and more. Roman candles may cause injuries specifically can affect the eyes. It is, therefore, important to understand the proper way to use Roman candles.

How To Use Roman Candles

Unquestionably, when understanding how to use Roman Candles, the first thing that is exceedingly important is to read the instructions prudently. It is recommended to follow them closely to ensure your candles get the desired effect.

Ensure your Roman Candle is pointing towards the sky as the stars they release can kindle things if they land before going out. As you light the candle, confirm that you back away speedily and let it fully burn out prior to attempting to go near it.

Most importantly, ensure you do not light a Roman Candle in a place where there are things that could effortlessly catch on fire. Hence, a wide-open space is desirable.

What makes Roman Candles a preferred choice is their ability to be combined efficiently with other fireworks, say fountains and sparklers, which all create exclusive and attractive forms.

Choose from the remarkable range of Roman Candles for sale available for all budgets and can be transformed by firing at diverse angles.

Rocket Fireworks: Most Popular Brands

At Rocket Fireworks, we have a great collection of different brands and offer you the best Roman Candles and Assortment. We are a well-established name and strive to create ground-breaking products. We take care to ensure that we are some of the first to get our hands on them. You can trust us for guaranteed quality and reliability.

Firework Safety: Suggested by Rocket Fireworks

It is our primary aim to ensure that people can have fun using our fireworks. We are constantly working to confirm absolute safety around fireworks. Read our Firework Safety page to digest this information and use it accordingly. 


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