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Be it marriage, New Year celebration, winning a cricket match, or any festival there’s no better way to celebrate a special event than with spectacular fireworks display. Colourful crackers make every event memorable.

When you make your event unforgettable with fireworks; don’t disregard the safety of the environment, your kids, pets, family members, friends, guests and most importantly your wellbeing.

Firework displays can be stunning but dangerous too. This is because they are fast and made from combustible, explosive materials. Fireworks cannot only hurt, but they also pose the danger of unintentionally starting a fire too.

This write-up is to educate on fireworks safety measures to avoid hazards.

Planning to celebrate the holiday with fireworks? Following a few precautions can help prevent injuries. Let’s discuss this.

Safety Measures When Using Fireworks

  • Do not leave a child unsupervised with fireworks. 
  • Keep pets away.
  • Stay away from placing any part of your body over a firework device.
  • Take care to ensure anyone who handles fireworks wears safety goggles to guard the eyes against flying sparks or debris.
  • Don’t use bottle rockets.
  • Use fireworks in an open area.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol when using fireworks.
  • Read the safety labels carefully.
  • Buy branded products.
  • Don’t try to relight fireworks that have not worked properly.
  • Never store fireworks outdoors close to anything flammable.
  • Keep a first aid kit near the lighting area.
  • If clothing catches on fire, take it off promptly.
  • Keep your phone nearby and be prepared to call for emergency assistance if required.
  • Do not rub eyes that have been injured by fireworks.

Thousands of accidents happen due to the careless use of fireworks each year. The accidents include minor burns severe injuries and explosions. Mostly, such incidents happen because of illegal fireworks. While taking the appropriate security measures can help avoid accidents, it is imperative to know how to react in case an incident happens. Hands and eyes are most commonly injured. However, prompt treatment can help decrease pain and trauma. It is important to know basic first-aid burn treatment techniques before lighting fireworks.

Final Thoughts

Fireworks are not fundamentally hazardous; they’re just highly noticeable, with a flashy bang. However, the biggest danger is that they draw your attention. Avoid firecrackers in the middle of a crowd. Most importantly, no shooting off the cannons at midnight; no lighting of any fireworks inside buildings or crowded areas.

Follow the tips to celebrate safely!

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