How Different Fireworks Patterns and Effects Are Created?

The amazing colours and effects and patterns that are created in a fireworks display are one of the most alluring parts of fireworks. Have you ever wondered how these different patterns and effects are created? Well for the ultimate fireworks display a lot of physics and chemistry are involved.

Here are some basic details about how the patterns and effects are created!

The shell is the basic part of a firework and in earlier days hollow green bamboo was used but today cardboard and heavy paper are used. For creating the different patterns and effects this shell is filled with different chemical compounds, stars etc.

Pressed stars which are battery shaped are used for creating effects like that of palm trees whereas multiple stars are used for creating patterns like smiley faces.

Chemical reactions are the base of fireworks. So, when you buy wholesale fireworks keep in mind that all these fireworks have a fuel source and oxidising and reducing agents. The chemical reactions between these chemicals are responsible for the magic that happens when the fireworks are burnt.

First, the lift charged is detonated and this launches the firework and then the fuse gets lighted. Then a series of chemical reactions take place and the stars are released at the right points and the different patterns and effects are created.

Just like the patterns and effects one more factor that is important for one of the best fireworks displays is the colours. You may have checked with Fireworks distributors about how the colours come into play in the fireworks display. The colours are due to the metal and metal salts which are implanted in the stars.

When the shell is heated the electrons in the metals and the salts go from the ground state to an excited state. This increases the stored energy which gets released in the form of light when the shell explodes. The emission of light takes place at different wavelengths and we get to see a wide range of colours when the fireworks are lighted.

So, the number and the arrangement of the stars inside the shell are responsible for the different patterns and effects. These days for creating complicated patterns many advanced techniques are being used and multi-break shells are one such method.

It is possible to get different types of fireworks that create intricate patterns and effects from a wholesale fireworks store.

Just make sure that you buy the fireworks from a reliable source and follow all safety measures while lighting the fireworks.

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