5 Things You Should NEVER Do with Fireworks

We all love fireworks. Fireworks make an event memorable for a lifetime. Irrespective of culture, age, gender, community, and country we all love to burst crackers, burn sparklers, and shoot bottle rockets while celebrating something big and making it big. Now, there are a few things that one should consider while lighting fireworks.

The most important thing is probably to be safe while playing with fireworks. In addition to this, as a buyer, one must choose an authorised manufacturer or a distributor to ensure safety. Rocket Fireworks is one such trusted manufacturer as well as seller whom you can choose while looking for a Fireworks Store.

Now, as stated above, one must make sure that his/her safety must not get affected while bursting fireworks. Else, the celebration can become a nightmare for the whole life as well.

5 things you should never do with fireworks

1. Never get close to fireworks:

While lighting fireworks make sure that your body does not get close to the flame of fire. Otherwise, chances will be there that your clothes catch fire. It can also be a good idea to light fireworks with incense sticks to maintain a safer distance.

2.  Don’t overlook wearing eye gears and inflammable clothes for safety:

Always wear sunglasses or eyeglasses to protect your eyes from unwanted mishaps. Similarly, wear dresses that are made of fabrics that are not easily flammable. Thus, you can avoid accidents from fireworks.

3. Never try to pick up failed fireworks:

Make sure that you never pick any fireworks that did not burst immediately after lighting the same. Often we tend to pick fireworks that do not work immediately after lighting them. It can be dangerous at times.

4. Don’t let your kids be alone and watch them carefully: 

Always stay close to your kids when they play with fireworks and observe them for their safety. It is better as parents if you allow your kids to burst fireworks only after a certain age.

5. Location

One of the biggest mistakes we generally make is in choosing the place to burn the fireworks. Well, the safest place for a bonfire is at least 18 metres away from the house.  Ensure you don’t have trees, fences etc in the surrounding.

To Wrap up It is always recommended to read the cautionary labels when using any kind of fireworks. Follow some basic rule and enjoy a safe night with family and friends.

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