Firecrackers, Sparklers, and Aerial Fireworks: The Similarities and Differences

When we talk about any celebrations, we have to consider fireworks. Without bursting fireworks, every celebration remains incomplete. Fireworks set the mood for celebrating important days, or events like New Year’s Eve, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, Christmas, and lots more. Again, when we mention fireworks, we at times find it difficult to choose one as there are varieties of fireworks available in the market. Now, where do you go to buy such products? Rocket Fireworks can be the right and best place to buy fireworks.

Now, as mentioned above, fireworks are available in different forms. The most popular products are Firecrackers, Sparklers, and Aerial Fireworks. Let us discuss more these fireworks.

What are firecrackers?

A firecracker is usually a small explosive used for entertainment purposes only. This is made of explosives containing flash powder wrapped in small pieces of paper or a container made of cardboard. These generate sparks and loud noise when we light them. Manufacturers of these products have to follow strict guidelines to maintain the safety of the users.  

The important thing is that unlike aerial crackers these crackers cannot fly and we burst them on the ground only.

What are aerial fireworks?

Similar to normal firecrackers, aerial fireworks are also small explosives except for the fact that we can make them fly up to a visible height.

These fireworks burst into flaming balls in the sky and look mesmerising. There are various kinds of aerial fireworks also. For example, aerial repeaters, reloadable mortars & aerial shells, bottle rockets, aerial display tubes, skyrockets, and more.

Let us now move on to know about sparklers in detail.

What are sparklers?

Sparklers are fireworks made of pyrotechnic composition. This composition is coated around mostly a thin metallic stick (wire). Furthermore, when we light them, they spark. These are very popular fireworks andare enjoyed both by kids and adults. The main difference between a sparkler and other fireworks is we hold it while we light them. These are not noisy but do not burst like other crackers too.

Sparkler and firecracker

Sparkler is a hand-held firework that releases sparks while firecracker is a firework involvinga string of bangers connected by a fuse designed to produce a series of loud bangs when lit conventionally to scare off ghosts and bad spirits and to bring good luck especially in Chinese celebrations.

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