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If you are looking to make your event memorable with red pearls with green strobes evolving into a wide fan of gold with a titanium explosion of coloured pearls and bright blue star; you must be looking for Bright Star Fountain Fireworks.

Types of Fountain Fireworks

  • Ballarenas Ball Fountain Fireworks.
  • Bright Star Fountain Fireworks.
  • Be All And End All Fountain Fireworks.
  • Dancing With Ghost Fountain Firework.
  • Flutter By Fountain Firework.
  • Light House Fountain Fireworks.
  • Koi Pond Fountain Fireworks.
  • Highballin Fountain Firew.
  • Fortune Soldier Fountain Firework.
  • Noisy Boys Fountain Firework.
  • Lucky Star Fountains Fireworks.

Fountain fireworks can be an enjoyable inclusion in celebrations. However, safety is of utmost importance. Here we share some vital safety tips to keep in mind when handling fountain fireworks. Keep in mind, that safety is key when enjoying fireworks. Follow the safety parameters and enjoy a fantastic celebration.

Measures to follow to keep you and your family safe while handling fireworks:

  • Use fireworks only outside and have a bucket of water ready in case there is an accident.
  • Do you have ground-based fireworks like a fountain? Spectating from at least 35 feet away is recommended.
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Stay away from damaged fireworks.
  • Refrain from taking a fountain apart or modifying it. Always follow .the manufacturer’s directives sensibly.
  • Monitor children when they are handling fireworks.
  • Don’t ignore the safety of your pets.
  • Check weather conditions .
  • Always soak used fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding.

Rocket Fireworks: A Reliable Name for Fountain Fireworks

At Rocket Fireworks, we have years of experience in selling the most well-appreciated Fountain Fireworks. We are generally open all year round. We believe festivals and celebrations are for all so we offer discounted prices to keep fireworks available for all. A tested product is a safe product. We are an established brand with an outstanding safety record and a history of providing thrilling fireworks. We realize the apprehensions of our customers about the safety of young children, old persons, and pets. Our staff will happily help you put together the correct display.

Why Choose Rocket Fireworks for Fountain Fireworks?

  • Discounted Bulk Pricing.
  • Priority Order Handling.
  • In-Person Demonstrations .
  • And More…

We give our best to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied! We strive to offer the best products for our customers at a great rate!  

Never fail to check local ordinances for any fireworks restrictions that might exist in your area. For more detailed information, visit us at

Rocket Fireworks

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