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Fireworks are loved for their multiple color options. Well, when we think of color choices; 10″ colored sparklers with a metal wire handle is the item that pops up in our mind. The colors consist of green, red, and gold. Each sparkler produces color sparks for nearly 30 seconds. Color sparklers emit more smoke than gold sparklers and at times are more blaze-like.

10″ Color Sparklers Fireworks:

  • Good effects with bright colors.
  • Good timing and jam-packed.
  • Modified label and packaging.

Thousands of people every year get injured badly because of fireworks-related incidents. It is therefore exceedingly essential to follow safety measures while using them. Let’s guide.

Fireworks Safety Tips:

  • Never let kids and young children handle fireworks.
  • Grown-up children should use them only under the supervision of adults.
  • Refrain from using fireworks while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • If you are using fireworks or standing nearby always wear protective eyewear.
  • Never light devices in a container.
  • Always keep a bucket of water ready to fully extinguish fireworks .
  • Not once should you use prohibited fireworks.
  • At no time light them indoors.
  • Keep a safe distance after lighting.
  • Always use fireworks away from people and combustible material.
  • Never throw fireworks at another person.
  • Always light only one device at a time.

Buy Crackers from Leading Fireworks

To buy 10 color fireworks you need a reliable store selling sparklers at an affordable rate. We at Rocket Fireworks guarantee the quality at a rate that suits your pocket. We bring the most amazing variety of fireworks for our customers to meet their diverse needs. We follow clear processes, effective systems and responsibilities to give high quality.

Why us?

  • Competitive price, high quality, and better service
  • Personalized effects available
  • Can be used in different celebrations

Many believe that the environment is damaged because of crackers. However, the ones which are manufactured following all the standard norms are safe for the environment as well as the people.

We are an esteemed name in both the domestic market and international markets. Celebrate your Christmas, Wedding, National Day, New Year, and other events with 10 color fireworks from us. Enjoy every event of your life with your friends and family with our best-quality crackers.

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