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Whether it’s a graduation ceremony, a football win, or New Year’s, no act of majestic celebration is complete without the magical effects of fireworks across the glittery sky. There are numerous types of fireworks available in the market. The interesting part is each is designed to give a specific effect.

If you’re planning to use fireworks for a party or a celebration, it would be valuable to know what lights, colours, and sounds they’re each designed to produce. It will support you achieve the outcome that you’re going for. 

Firecrackers have become unbelievably popular for a variety of reasons. If you visit any local store that sells miscellaneous stuff or party equipment; you are likely to find firecrackers in their inventory as well. 

Fireworks variety:

1. Multi-break Shell Multi-break shells 
2. Crossette 
3. Brocade 
4. Smoke Bombs
5. Novelty Fireworks
6. Fountains
7. Ground Spinners
8. Sparklers

If you are looking for fireworks at wholesale prices that are comparatively safe to use and add to the charm of any event; then the fountain is a good choice. Most of the fountains that are available in local stores are essentially cone-shaped devices. They sit on the ground and as you fire, they start releasing a lot of sparks all around the device.

All you have to do is to place the fireworks in an open space. Make sure that there are no flammable items nearby and then light it up. Stand back when you do. This is important because the sparks are going to fly in all directions. Well, there are likely to be a few lost sparks as well. Hence, it’s better if you put on sunglasses before you light up the fountains.

Fireworks variety at wholesale price from Rocket Fireworks:

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