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200 Gram Cakes are one the most prevailing multi-shot repeaters on the market. When you light one of these it is like having a 10 to 120-second show in a box with anywhere from 5 to 300 shots. Each cake is like its own show. Most importantly, it has a ton of variety of colours, effects, and sounds. These cakes are the most preferred items for July 4th celebrations, birthday parties, wedding parties, promotion celebrations, backyard displays, and any other get-together irrespective of how big or small. These generally come in two styles; straight up and down, which are great for smaller areas. 

Classically, the cakes with fewer shots (3-15) will have much bigger breaks because more of the powder is concentrated on the limited number of shots. If you have a decent budget, like aerial shows and/or louder noises, buying a variety of 200-gram cakes in combination with 500-gram cakes, mortars, firecrackers, rockets, reloadable shell kits, Roman candles and other aerial devices is the best route to put on a huge backyard display.

In the firework world when we talk about cakes, we don’t mean the mouth-watering sugary type we eat! A firework cake is a sequence of tubes. They have been put together in one box for a chain reaction of shots and effects. Generally, a cake will be square or rectangular. These cakes are the most well-liked for backyard shows, as they only need you to light them one time and have quite a few shots and effects.

At Rocket Fireworks, we offer you different types of cakes. We guide you to understand the better option to be fired during your backyard show! Let’s say, you don’t want to light your final cake at the opening of your show, rather you wish to keep it for the end.

Following our blog? You must have by now learned the different types of effects you see as well. As you explore our website, you can find multiple items and choose the one you like the most! Want to add some glamour to your show? You may choose to start small, maybe with some 200 grams. 

When it comes to fireworks we are the most dependable name in the market. Visit us today. Reach us for quality fireworks at very competitive prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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